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New format wherein I interview a guest. This week it’s my brother, “Dave,” and we discuss Metallica letting down the “lost suburban boys” of the 1980s, Nirvana before they got famous, the real Seattle Sound (the Melvins, the Accused, and Coffinbreak), violent moshpits back in the day (eg. at NoMeansNo), desert island playlists, Courtney Love, Nickelback’s bar band days, some of the lost history of Vancouver, how our dad thought Spinal Tap was real, and the importance of being in tune.

This week’s top stories: Ghost beats Slipknot to win a Grammy; Alice Cooper has two new albums in the works; Lita Ford dishes about Tony Iommi’s alleged violence and impotence; Stryper bear false witness against themselves via backing tracks; Steve Vai, Zakk Wylde, Yngwie Malnsteen, and Nuno Bettencourt have themselves a wanky little guitar god tour.

Also: Joe Perry not too enthused on Steven Tyler’s “yippee ki yay” project; Marilyn Manson is opening for Slipknot this year; Mick Mars’s releases solo album teasers; Oh, and dogfight!: Dee Snider calls Vince Neil a murderer, meanwhile Vince raises a crapload of money for charity on The Celebrity Apprentice.

Plus! Upcoming Vancouver concert highlights!

The Rock N Roll Blather Show is your source for all the rock news that matters… to me anyway.

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This week’s top stories: Stone Temple Pilots is looking for a new singer; James Hetfield figures Metallica will never get to play the Super Bowl halftime show; Geoff Tate is working on a jazz record; the Bataclan will reopen later this year; and Spirit’s lawsuit against Led Zeppelin goes to trial in May.

Plus: Pyra gets Sonata Arctica and Stratovarius mixed up as to which one had the cute bassist in 2005; Michael Monroe has a new single; Cannibal Corpse is releasing their old crap onto new vinyl; Black Sabbath resumes their Final Tour; Bruce Dickinson helps fly an endangered turtle to a sanctuary on Canary Islands.

Plus! Upcoming Vancouver concert highlights!

The Rock N Roll Blather Show is your source for all the rock news that matters… to me anyway.

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This week’s top stories: Megadeth’s new album launches at #3 on the Billboard charts while Justin Bieber’s album is #2 (but you already knew that); shows us a parallel universe where Lita Ford is a dorky librarian/high school band teacher; Bret Michaels fancies himself a luggage designer, the better to transport wigs and bandanas; Vince Neil wants a little help from his friends for Celebrity Apprentice and Pyra speculates on the reaction; and the latest on Phil goddamn Anselmo.

Also: Black Sabbath cancels a few shows so Pyra can save her shirt money; Motorhead’s Phil Campbell’s working on a funny memoir; Alice Cooper’s Hollywood Vampires attempt to trick folks into paying attention to the Grammys with a tribute to Lemmy; Bill O’Reilly wishes Megadeth “much success” with the new album; Smashing Pumpkins will tour with Liz Phair; Glenn Danzig and his belly have a cameo on Portlandia; Judas Priest’s other singer gets ripped off; Sixx:AM will open for Korn this summer; and Metallica’s James Hetfield appears on American Dad… wait, American Dad’s still on the air?

Oh, and Guns N Roses announces a show in Mexico City, and Pyra has a gross/awful/hilarious bit about why Axl will be late to the second Coachella date.

Plus! Upcoming Vancouver concert highlights!

This week’s top stories: Guns N Roses has an innovative new plan to sell $2500 VIP packages that don’t involve meeting the band; Vince Neil signs up to get fired by the Terminator on the new Celebrity Apprentice; Scottish pigeons look forward to a new bronze statue of Bon Scott to crap on; Nickelback infuriates hipsters by starting work on a new album; and you can blame Bowie for Trent Reznor’s sobriety.

Plus: Phil Anselmo vs. SJW fans with no sense of humor; Bret Michaels’ childhood home burns down and Pyra snickers at the Blabbermouth snark about it; Al Jourgensen has a new project with a very interesting name; Anthrax are officially museum relics now; Richard Fortus and Dizzy Reed leave the Dead Daisies, who only deemed it necessary to replace Fortus; and someone decided to start the First Annual Vegas Hair Metal Awards… and only 25 years too late.

All this and some upcoming Vancouver concert dates.

This week’s top stories: Black Sabbath breaks out the golden oldies for their final tour; Dee Snider works with one of Katy Perry and Kanye West’s songwriters; turns out Lemmy died from prostate cancer; the reunited Guns N Roses are back to the same old, same old… namely, rehearsing without Axl; and Mick Mars is busy making some new “slamming” rock n roll on his solo album.

Also: Steven Tyler’s shilling for Skittles; That Metal Show needs a new home; Sammy Hagar borrows Tommy Lee’s much bigger… er, star power, Pyra’s only talking about star power; upcoming rock star book releases; meet the new Sixx:AM drummer: same as the old Sixx:AM drummer; a rant about guyliner; and Pyra makes sexist objectifying remarks about Nikki Sixx, Izzy Stradlin, and Richard Fortus.

Plus: some upcoming Vancouver concert highlights and more!

This week: Metallica’s lawyers get “overzealous” against a tribute band; Nickelback vs. Lloyd’s of London; Lemmy’s funeral watched by over a quarter million folks online, including 2 of Motörhead’s guitarists; Guns N Roses’ Dizzy Reed plays with a GNR tribute band; Alan Niven says Izzy Stradlin’s still waiting to decide on playing Coachella with the GNR reunion; Black Sabbath’s tour drummer is revealed; Joe Perry backs Pyra up on an online argument… well not really, but he said something unrelated that jives with Pyra’s argument; and everyone and their dog wants in on the David Bowie eulogizing glory.

Plus: some upcoming Vancouver concert highlights.

This week’s news stories: Nikki Sixx is on vacation but still wants your attention; Guns N Roses are confirmed as Coachella headliners though the line up remains unconfirmed; petitions to Lemmy-fy everything; Steven Tyler goes twangy again; Sebastian Bach wants his old gig back; Peter Cetera might well play with Chicago at the Hall of Fame induction; Ted Nugent’s his usual self; and some crappy new releases are coming down the pipes for 2016.

Plus: some upcoming Vancouver shows.

This week: Lemmy dies, Tommy Lee gets stuck on his roller coaster at the final Mötley Crüe show, Guns N Roses reunion rumors intensify due to Billboard reports and a weird trailer in movie theatres, Tony Harnell dumps Skid Row via social media, AC/DC outsells ’em all concert-wise, a Ratt sets off a fire alarm, and more.

On this very first episode of The Rock N Roll Blather Show: Columbia House refuses to stay dead; Ukraine bans Fred Durst; Don Dokken dares defy the PC thought police; in a shocking twist, it turns out Scott Weiland didn’t die of ebola; there will be new Nine Inch Nails crap in 2016; Vince Neil sells his water wasting house, gets sued by investors, and looks forward to the upcoming Mötley Crüe biopic; and a web design change fuels the ongoing Guns N Roses reunion rumors.

Also: Pyra explains why she decided to spin the rock news portion of her other podcast, Under My Skin, off into its own show and Pyra sorta feels bad about calling Rikki Rockett fat.

Plus: some upcoming Vancouver rock shows.